Tinkers' Construct Basic Tools

Tinkers’ Construct Basic Tools

Tinkers’ Construct is a mod that allows you to modify a variety of tools and weapons. You can acquire unique powers and customization for some tools that aren’t available in the basic version.

Tinkers Basic Tools are as follows:-

You’ll need a few logs to get started with Tinkers’. To begin, you should have a book that can be turned into two more volumes. For basic information, you can read these. Obtain a few patterns and construct yourself:

  • a Pattern Chest.
  • a Tool Station.
  • a Part Builder.
  • a Stencil Table.

Remove three more designs from the Stencil Table and place them in the Stencil Table. In Tinkers’, you now have access to the majority of the stencils for various tool parts. Remove the Pickaxe Head, the Tool Rod, and the Binding. Make one of each in wood using the Part Builder. Go to the Tool Station after storing your pattern in the Pattern Chest.

Place the component in the correct location by clicking on the pickaxe. If you wish, you may name the pick and take it out. And there you have it, your first Tinkers’ tool. Go get some Cobblestone and re-create the whole process from the Part Builder, but in stone. You may also get a hatchet, which is a combination of an axe, a shovel, and a basic sword. Different materials can also be mixed and matched.

Has anything gone wrong with your tool? Return to the Tool Station, insert a piece of the head’s material and remove it with resurrected durability. You’ve learned how to fix your tool now.

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