Tiering up! & Advanced Tinkers

Tiering up! & Advanced Tinkers

Tiering up!

You’ll need to proceed to aluminate or steel (if you have a mod that contains steel) now that you can build metal components since those two materials can shatter ardito and cobalt, which are both available in the Nether. Obsidian:Iron: Aluminum must be in a ratio of 2:2:5. But first, you’ll require an Obsidian mining tool! Any tool that has the diamond modifier will be able to do so. Obsidian and Thaumium are two additional materials accessible (from Thaumcraft). Only a few options are available.

You may access Manyullyn, the finest material for weaponry, once you obtain some Cobalt and Ardito.

Advanced Tinkers:

You’ll need to create a Tool Forge to access the sophisticated Tinkers’ tools.

This pricey little man allows you to make three essential improvements to normal tools (along with a few others) for a pricey price: the Hammer from the Pickaxe, the Excavator from the Shovel, and the Lumber Axe from the Axe. Go to the here to download Minecraft Mod.

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