Tinkers Construct Modifiers

Tinkers Construct Modifiers

Material Traits:

  • Ecological: Has a 1% chance of regenerating 1 durability per second. Find on- Wood (1), Treated Wood (1).
  • Reinforced: Acts as an Unbreaking level. Alumite (2), Cobalt (2), Obsidian (2), Iron (1), Bronze (1), Steel (2).
  • Stonebound: As tool durability declines, increases speed while lowering damage output. Stone (1), Netherrack (1), and Ardite (2).
  • Jagged: As tool durability declines, Jagged increases damage output while reducing speed. Find on: Cactus (1).
  • Writable: Additional modifier slot. Locate on: Paper (1).
  • Thaumic: Additional modifier slots based on the amount of pieces used: One, three, and full each grant you one additional modifier space. Find on: Thaumium (1).


  • Diamond: Improve tool mining level to 3 and increase durability by 500. (Once only).
  • Emerald: Increase tool mining level to 2 and gain 50% more durability (Once only).
  • Lapis Lazuli: looting or fortune applied to weapons and equipment . At 100, 300, and 450, there is just one level.
  • Ball of Moss: Auto-repair (Once only).
  • Lava Crystal: 3 second fire aspect or autosmelt (Only one time.)
  • Flux Capacitor (Requires Thermal Expansion 3): Instead of durability, use Redstone Flux. (Only once.)
  • Obsidian Plate: Add a Reinforced level.
  • Diamond + Gold block: Unlocks a modifier slot with the Diamond + Gold block. (Only once.)
  • Nether Star: Allows you to use a modifier slot. (Only once.)
  • Enchanted Golden Apple + Block of Diamond: Unlocks a modifier slot with Enchanted Golden Apple + Block of Diamond. (Only once.)


  • Redstone: Each Redstone dust, +0.08 speed. There are a total of 50 modifier slots available.
  • Silky Jewel: Silky jewel that has a silky touch to it.


  • Nether Quartz: Sharpens the image. At 1, 36, and 72 quartz, you get a +0.5 attack. Modifier slots may hold up to 72 people.
  • Blaze Powder: Adds a Fire Aspect to your character. +0.2 second for each powder Each modifier slot may hold up to 25 people.
  • Necrotic Bone: Increases Life Steal by 0–2 ( per hit, each additional bone).
  • Piston: Increases the tool’s knockback. Each modification slot can hold up to ten modifiers.
  • Obsidian + Ender Pearl: Adds a Beheading level.
  • Fermented Spider Eyes: Adds Arthropod Bane. Per level, +2 ( )–4 ( ). Per level, 4 Fermented Spider Eyes are required.
  • Consecrated Soil: Smite is added by Consecrated Soil. Per level, +2 ( )–4 ( ). Each level requires 36 Consecrated Soil.

Innate tool and weapon abilities:-

  • Cleaver: He is capable of beheading.
  • The Hammer and Excavator: Mine Stone/Harder Materials and Dirt in a 3×3 space centred on the mined block, respectively.
  • Scythe: In a 3x3x3 cube, cuts and attacks.
  • Lumber Axe and Battleaxe: Both chop down trees for a maximum of 30 and 9 blocks.
  • Rapier: Allows the wielder to backstep while bypassing armour.
  • Hammer: Has Smite.

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