Tinkers', beside the tools?

Tinkers’, beside the tools?

Tinkers’ Construct has a few gadgets in addition to the tools. The majority of them are currently part of Tinkers’ Mechworks, a mod. Tinkers’ armour and heart canisters, however, remain.


There are three levels of canisters: red, yellow, and green. Any mob drops little red hearts, which may be eaten to restore 10 full hearts of vitality. Red Heart Canisters may also be made from them. When eaten, little yellow hearts drop from boss mobs and restore 20 full hearts of life.

By surrounding them with Emeralds, they may be fashioned into Yellow Heart Canisters and Miniature Green Hearts. When eaten, the latter will heal 30 hearts and may be made into Green Heart Canisters. You may have a total of 80 life points, or 40 hearts, by having 10 of each sort of heart.


Tinkers’ armour is made from Bronze Large Plates (the same ones used in the hammer process) that are shaped like vanilla armour. Like their tool counterparts, each of them may be changed. There are 30 modifications on each piece of armour. It’s worth noting that not all modifiers just take up one slot! Modifiers can be combined in any order.


  • Redstone: 1 modification per piece, each of which adds 1% speed (Max 30 percent per armour piece).
  • Diamond: 3 modifier per piece, increases attack damage by 5% (to a maximum of 50% per armour piece).
  • Gold: 1 percent knockback resistance (max 15 percent per armour piece) with a 2 modifier per piece.
  • Block of Quartz: adds 5 attack damage per piece with a 5 modifier (Max 30 damage per armour piece).
  • Large Iron Plate: 3 modifiers per piece, offers 2% protection (Max 20 percent protection per armour piece).
  • Red Heart Canister: 6 modifier per piece, increases maximum health by 2 or adds 1 heart (Max 10 health per armour piece, giving you a maximum of 120 health or 60 hearts).
  • Ghast Tear, Congealed Blue Slime, and Congealed Green Slime: 5 modifiers per combo, gives Jump boost.

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Tinkers’ adds a mob and a few worldgen objects to the game. A blue slime island may be located near y=150, where the Blue Slime will spawn. These will spawn alongside Blue Slime Dirt and Slimy Vegetation, which are unique dirt and grass. Slimy Water will also be generated, which will spawn Blue Slimes.

Tinkers’ adds Copper, Tin, and Aluminum ore to the Overworld, as well as Ardite and Cobalt ore to the Nether, to increase ore generation.

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