Tinkers Construct Guide

Tinkers Construct Guide

At first look, Tinkers Construct may appear to be rather big and scary. There are so many things to build, so many instruments to use, and none of them have crafting recipes! It’s simple to become disoriented. This website should assist you in your quest to master tinkering.

The Beginning:

If you’ve just entered a new planet and want to avoid making cheap, easily damaged tools, you’ll need to gather a few items. The first and most important of these elements is wood. You’ll need at least 9 logs to construct the different tool production stations you’ll need to make the great majority of your tools, with just enough left over for a pickaxe. The number 13 logs is a much more comfortable amount to start with, and it’s the number this tutorial assumes you’ve gathered.

You and Your Stations:

Take a minute to acquaint yourself with what you’re attempting to produce before you start producing everything.

  • The vanilla Crafting Table may be replaced with the Crafting Station. While utilizing it, you may access the contents of a nearby Chest or Trapped Chest, and it keeps things in place even if the UI is closed.
  • The Stencil Table is a workstation where you may design the Pattern objects that the Part Builder
  • The Pattern Chest is a unique chest that may be accessed when utilizing a nearby Part Builder or independently. It can only hold non-blank Patterns, also known as Casts, which we’ll discuss later.
  • The Part Builder is a workstation that lets you mold raw material into polished tool components using patterns created in the Stencil Table.
  • The Tool Station is unquestionably one of the most essential blocks in Tinkers Construct, if not the most crucial. This is where you can look at the tools you can build, put together various components to form working tools, fix them, and eventually alter them to make them work better for you, but we’ll get to that later.


Now that you’ve at least looked over the list of workstations you’ll need, you should definitely start putting them together. You’ll need to cut 12 logs into planks, then 10 planks into sticks. We can make the following things using them, in about this order:

  • Blank Patterns (9) (using 2 planks and 2 sticks each).
  • 2 Crafting Tables (using 4 planks each).
  • A Station for Crafting (using 1 of the Crafting Tables).
  • An Equipment Station (using a Blank Pattern and the other Crafting Table).
  • A Table with Stencils (using a Blank Pattern and a plank).
  • A Parts Maker (using a Blank Pattern and the remaining log).

Now is the time to start putting these workstations together. Try to position the Stencil Table and Part Builder as near together as possible, but otherwise, simply keep everything close enough to be useful for now.

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To complete your first workspace, build a Chest (with 8 planks) and then a Pattern Chest using it and one of the Blank Patterns. Place it next to your Part Builder, and you’re all set to start building some tools!

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