Tinkers' Construct Mod

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Make and Repair Tools, Modify blocks, change colors of table, create smeltery,  and much more Tinkers’ Construct’s features.

What is Tinkers' Construct?

Tinkers’ Construct Mod 1.16.5/1.12.2 is a fantastic mod for making, repairing, and even customizing tools and weapons in Minecraft. Metals may also be melted to make more powerful weapons and equipment for your arsenal. A manual will be provided to you to begin. This should be your go-to resource for learning all there is to know about the mod. It’s filled with recipes and walkthroughs to help you get the most out of this mod. There are also four additional books that may be crafted to assist with more sophisticated functions.

Download Tinkers' Construct Mod

Minecraft 1.16

Minecraft 1.12

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Tinkers Construct Screenshots

Tinkers' Construct Features

  • The mod is based on the patterns you design, which are then used to construct the various components of your chosen tools and weapons. The crafter, part builder, stencil table, tool station, and tool forge are the tables you’ll need to get started with the fundamentals.
  • You may use the Stencil Table to transform blank patterns into part blueprints. After that, you’ll use these to make the fundamental components of your tool or weapon. It’s fairly straightforward, but the sheer number of possibilities may be daunting. That’s when your books come in helpful, so refer to them frequently.
  • When you create a smeltery, you’ll need sophisticated tools. This allows you to smelt metal and turn it into more powerful tool components. The patch also adds a few more ores to the game, allowing you to develop your tools even farther than diamonds can.
  • So, once you’ve built a smeltery and melted some metals, you can manufacture castings out of wooden tool components. Then you may utilise those castings to build stronger components by combining them with stronger metals. It’s like converting Minecraft into an RPG, complete with levelling tools, upgrades, and new components.
  • And, once you’ve mastered the mod, you’ll be able to add unique modifications to your tools, such as auto-repairing. As a result, if your tool starts to deteriorate, it will eventually repair itself. Essentially, you may enchant your tools without any prior knowledge. It’s totally based on the stuff in your inventory. So, instead of relying on spells and XP to improve your tools, you may use this mod to rely on hard labour and dedication.
  • The in-game instructions will be frequently referenced in this mod. They will be extremely beneficial to you as you learn new trade skills. Get to the point when you can make a super-powerful hammer and smash your way through your mines in 3 pieces. It’s extremely efficient at mining in a short amount of time with high production and outcomes. There’s a lot more you can do with this mod, so have fun learning new skills!
  • To begin, you’ll need a few tables as well as a location to store your designs.
  • You make, alter, and repair tools in this manner.
  • It is possible to automate it using redstone and hoppers.
  • The update also adds a few new mobs to the game, such as this gentleman.
  • Armor has begun, but it is far from complete, and would require community participation.
  • That’s everything there is to it! The system has a lot of depth, and much of it is detailed in-game. Everything else is up to you to discover.
  • It Requires Minecraft Forge, Mantle Mod, Tinkers’ Mechworks Mod (Minecraft 1.7.10 Only).

What has changed since version 1.7.10?

  • Materials have evolved, and each has its own set of characteristics.
  • There are some new materials.
  • The materials used in the parts are more important. Some characteristics can only be achieved when a material is used as a tool head.
  • Replacement of a component.
  • All of them may be used to repair tools with multiple head materials.
  • Tinkers’ Construct no longer contains copper ore, tin ore, or other ores, but rather supports them.
  • There’s more slime island fun to be had.
  • Clay castings that can only be used once.
  • The liquid is poured into the smeltery by right-clicking a drain with a bucket.
  • Sharpening kits are available so that you may get whatever harvest level you choose.
  • There will be no more extra-modifiers.
  • Soulbound (Nether Star) and Width/Height are two new modifiers (Expander).
  • New and enhanced user interfaces.
  • Slimesling and Slime boots are slimeslings and slime boots, respectively.