Tinkers Construct Smeltery Guide

Smeltery, or molten metals:-

  • Building:

You’ll need the Smeltery in order to create metal components. To make two stacks of Grout, grab a stack of Clay, Sand, and Gravel. To obtain Seared Brick, smelt the Grout. Find a pool of Lava while it’s smelting because you’ll need it to smelt things in the Smeltery.

Grab your Seared Bricks and make;

  • 1 Smeltery Controller
  • 1 Seared Tank
  • 2 ​Seared Faucets
  • 2 Smeltery Drains
  • 1 Casting Basin
  • 1 Casting Table
  • Seared Bricks.

You should’ve bought a book on how to construct the smeltery. It also includes information on the Smeltery’s alloys and other characteristics. Make a 3×3 base using Seared Bricks, then proceed up and out (5×5) with the remaining bricks as desired. Place Faucets on the drains with the hole pointing outwards.

One block below the Faucets, place the Casting Table and Basin. Fill the tank with Lava. You now have a fully functional Smeltery. It’s worth noting that the Smeltery may be enlarged vertically. Instead of 3×3, it may also be built-in 5×5 or 7×7 size. It also increases ore-to-ingot production by a factor of two.

  • I’m looking for some great components right now:

You’ll need either Clay, Gold, or Aluminum Brass to make some new components.

In the smeltery, Aluminum Brass is produced using a 3:1 ratio of Aluminum to Copper. Each conversion will provide 6 aluminum brass ingots. Aluminum Brass is capable of producing castings, which are required for metallic tools.

One piece of molten clay, one ingot of molten Aluminum Brass, or two ingots of molten Gold, plus the necessary tool component are required to create castings (e.g., you would need a pickaxe head made out of wood or stone to make a Pickaxe Head Cast). Clay castings can only be used once before they have to be thrown away.

Right-click on the faucet and place the tool component on the Casting table. Depending on the metal you choose, it will produce one or two ingots. After the cast has hardened, the tool component will vanish.

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After that, go to the Smeltery and smelt metal. To pour out metal, go to the controller GUI and click the metal (The metal should go to the bottom). Then, with the cast still on the table, pour it out the same manner you did with the cast. The Iron Pickaxe Head is now yours. Go for it if you’re skilled with tools.


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